„bob, you’re wasted!”🤩💌🥨 cc sunqlia for nat!! love this scottish softie<33
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should I start watching dw? 🌹
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happy birthday juls! love ya softie!💌🥨💖 ac somigf
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jenna in red is my aesthetic🌹 for juls (happy bday💓) & amberdena x
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two softies that i miss with all my heart😪💗 for @bxdwolffle x #tardisgrprct2
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I know this is simple and absolutely not my best, but I really wanna say how much I love him. How much I love the Doctor, especially how much I love Twelve, MY DOCTOR. I think he’s absolutely the deepest, strongest, greatest character I’ve ever seen and he’s one of my favorites ever. AND I WANNA SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE DOCTOR WHO. How much I love all of its characters and its incredible stories. It was my first actual tv series and it’s still my favorite. Thanks to it I got to know Jenna and Peter, but also myself! Doctor Who really helped me a lot through the time, and I love my fandom (except when they hate on Clara😤). Doctor Who is not only the longest tv series in history of tv shows, but it’s also THE BEST I’ve seen so far. I really can’t describe it. I just love it. And I love them all. Thank you Twelve, thank you Doctor Who. ❤️ -you can see that I got lazy at the end lmao- • dt: @allonsy.mp4 @capaldi.aep @fun.aep @angels.mp4 cc: mine (ew)
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Otp parallels cc: Deckerstar + Doctor & River 😍 ac: audio- @aliferou.s #omgpage #luciferedit #dwpage
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