Feeling so grateful for @briseeley and all the incredible women I met this weekend during a retreat about our past, present and future selves. Bri is a hypnotherapist, best-selling author and life coach that has the natural talent of making every woman she comes in contact with feel like a total BADASS. We started the weekend opening old baggage and wounds and healing our young selves, the second day acknowledging all the things we’ve created in the current moment and envisioning our 2023 selves in all their glory. . Then, what perfect timing: I came down with HORRID food poisoning yesterday and missed day three of the retreat. I decided to come from a place of gratitude and not dwell on how much I missed, rather focusing on the amazing women I met and the many purposeful experiences I was given. . On the first day of the retreat, I discovered that my business bank account received fraud of over $1,200 right as I was gearing up to pay taxes and was also summoned for potential jury duty over the course of the next two weeks, putting a wrench in my plans, and in my mind, limiting me from serving amazing clients and attending necessary client meetings and trips. . I’m realizing that everything happens with intention and that team members, clients and fellow entrepreneurs come into our lives at just the right time. The mantra message I received this weekend that really resonated with me is this: “I release my need to be perfect and I center into my commitment to serve the world more love.” So, here’s to the release of perfection and allowing myself the moments of healing necessary to bring myself back to my best working version, able to focus on spreading love into this community and beyond. ❤️
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Lets lighten it up! Spring is almost here! Book now! Text 360-589-4590
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Cherry! 💯🤘🏻🤘🏻 #lexusis350
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This #lexusis350 received a detail, 1 step correction, head light and tail light restoration, and @servfacesusa ceramic coating. 😝💯
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"Superman is not a fictional character found only in comic books and movies. He is my Dad who I love to bits."
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