Is it just us, or is a train the most romantic mode of transportation? It’s all sweeping vistas and gentle rocking, and the only real worry is when to alight — and begin the next stage of your adventure. Step aboard and see something spectacular this summer!
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Looking forward to trying the vegan sandwiches from @snackrilegeveganfoods tomorrow!!
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Thanks @washdnr for the reminder. Only two more days Washington! Adventure awaits! Make a plan and get outside. Where do you hope to explore? Great photo Tom Baird. Thanks for sharing.
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Not too shabby. #summernights
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Let's face it, adulting can be hard. But it's made a bit easier when you get a little help from Autumn, one of our friendly staff members at the Tumwater Trosper branch. Just ask Kaena, a young member who just got his first credit card. Establishing credit and understanding how to use it wisely is just one of the many ways #wsecu can help you along the road in becoming....dare we say it...a financially fit adult! Congratulations Kaena!
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You guys want some good #pho, go visit Saigon Rendezvous downtown Oly. It's under new ownership and it's REALLY good!! #decidedlydifferent #olympiagram #olywa #pnw #food #foodporn
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Family time at my mother in law’s house at Summit Lake 🙌🏼 The water was too cold for me though! . If it seems like I’m posting a lot lately it’s because I LOVE my PNW life in the summer time 😊. Winter is hard for me here. The sun doesn’t shine much and I get really bad seasonal affective disorder. But the summers here are just perfect ☀️.
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