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🌸🌵b o h o b l o n d i 🌵🌸 . . . . .
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Happy Monday! What you see is what you get🖌 with painted hilites. Paint with purpose, visualizing the outcome before touching down that paintbrush is what educated and experienced colorists do 👌👊 . . Accepting new clients. Book now, straight from my profile. Sessions may be required to achieve desired results. Expect a call from me following your booking for a consult, if you are a new color client. . @ver@versedhairstudio @versedhairstudio
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Let see how long this video stays up 😬 🙏. . It’s been a full week of move ups and brightens for me 👩‍🔬. . 💰Things to keep in mind. This not “just”a balayage move up. If your wanting the ends of your lighter and the top lighter/moved up it’s 4-6 hours in the salon. This not an easy appointment. We have to make sure your roots lighten to match your blonde ends while carefully taking the proper steps to make sure we don’t over processing your already blonde ends . I don’t mess around, I will take the time to watch and check your hair like a helicopters mom with an anxiety disorder 🚁. . . Products used. 📌 Roots Oligo blacklight cool tone bleach and 20&30. 📌 Previously lightened ends Oligo cool tone bleach and 1-3 10vol (you want it really diluted to weaken it so it keeps time with your root bleach). 📌always framar foils 💛 📌 toner wella 10/6 and a touch of guy tang 10dl. All Demi. I like to leave my toners on for a full 20-30 min.
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Loving this 🍯 balayage
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