Excited because it’s a three day work week, Thanksgiving is almost here, and I just ordered my Christmas cards! 💃🏼 - What’s making you jump for joy today?! #ohmydesigns #makewavesmonday
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I’m a words person. Whether I’m designing paper or dreaming up a vibe for my living room decor, I like to pick a few words to describe the end goal. For this suite: ORGANIC, TUSCAN, and CLEAN. I think we nailed it with this one for a winery wedding! 🌿🍷💌 #ohmydesigns #prettypaper
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Currently working on an email series for all future brides + grooms who need bite sized wedding planning advice. Cause you’re busy enough without having to search, read, and remember every blog post, amiright?! - If you want tips hitting your inbox every couple weeks specific to YOUR wedding date (like, what should I be doing twelve, ten, and four months out?) then you don’t want to miss this! Make sure you’re on the list - visit my website (link in profile) OR shoot me a message with your email address + wedding date now! 💌 #ohmydesigns #weddingplanning
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...for the sassy bride! Who are your ride-or-die, lifelong #bridesmaids? Tag them below! ✨ (and shop this card in my Etsy shop) 💌 #ohmydesigns #bridesmaidsquad
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For the SINGLE girls (and boys): First of all, if you’re single and following my wedding invitation Instagram profile, bless you. I’m here to share so much more than pretty paper and I’m super thankful you’ve stuck around even if you’re not in the #gettingmarried stage of life. 💃🏼 Throughout most of my 20s, I was the token single girl. As my friends were dating and getting married, I was working on building a business. Whatever your age, whatever your reason, being single is something to be celebrated. 🎉 One way I celebrated my single gal life every year was by sending Christmas cards - I think it’s totally stereotypical that holiday cards are for families. (I also think it’s stereotypical that professional photography is for couples/families, get yourself some photos babe!) 💁🏼‍♀️ This will be my first year sending a card as a couple and I’m excited for a new stage. I’ll ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for the independent ladies out there killin it. Whether it’s your most liked photo of the year, a professional shot, or even a card with just a pretty design - don’t skip on celebrating another year and the present stage of life. ✨ I would be honored to work with you on your holiday cards - single, taken, family, whatever! Shoot me an email this week and let’s chat! (You can v easily do that by clicking the email button at the top of my profile!) 💌 #ohmydesigns
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Although my most recent designs haven’t been floral-heavy, I’m still majorly crushing on this suite. I’ve got a feeling this might be my most popular design for 2019! Whaddya think?! 💙✨💌 #ohmydesigns #weddingwednesday (photography: @shelbytsikaphoto)
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Have I mentioned lately that I have the best job in the world? #dreamjob #ohmydesigns #makewavesmonday
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Did someone say TRAVEL? I’m headed to Atlanta this week and I’m super excited, although expecting a little bit of a temperature shock! - These invitations are giving me all the tropical vibes - the beach, sunshine, frozen adult beverages... Yes, please! - Tap this photo to shop samples - and hurry because free shipping ends tomorrow! 💌 #ohmydesigns #prettypaper
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