‘Being prepared isn’t half the battle... it IS the battle!’ As Autumn would say! Got my lunches ready for this week and prepped my veggies and fruit. I don’t like meal prepping most days because I’d rather just be last minute, but in the end it’s great because I don’t want to wake up any earlier during the week to do it! So might as well get it over with on a Saturday or Sunday!
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For those of you looking for a way to fancy up Greek yogurt, this was pretty tasty if you have the containers in any of your combos. ❤️ Plain Greek yogurt 🧡 Chia seeds 🥄 PB2 powder (normally I’d opt for regular PB because it’s less processed, but I’m out) Sprinkle of cinnamon & drizzle of agave. #obsessedwithtoday #getobsessedwithtoday #80dayobsession #shakeology #beachbody #goldenscoop #365er #80daysinaz
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The glory of working out a home... means I can workout in my sleepers without any judgement! 😍 Today I got my workout in early as I have some plans after work for my last day! Today was a good leg day, I think it’s time to increase weights. I need more of a challenge! I hope everyone has a great Friday!
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Soooo I can preach all day long about what exercises to do to get stronger, lose weight, etc etc etc... What really matter is... YOUR DIET!! It what I struggle with DAILY! Especially being on this 80 day journey and following the meal plan, which is pretty strict. But it’s designed like that for a reason and to help get you AMAZING results. It also helps teaches you portion control and how to eat balanced throughout the day. This meal plan does NOT cut out any food groups! So here’s a shout out to my newly favorite meal to make. It’s SUPER easy and gets a bunch of food groups in one bowl. It ended up being my post workout meal. EGG ROLL IN A BOWL ✅ 1 lb ground turkey or beef ✅ 1/2 bag (16 oz) of cole slaw mix ✅ 2 cups cooked brown rice ✅ 4 tsp olive oil ✅ salt and pepper to taste You just cook the meat and drain, then mix it all together in a big pan, let the cabbage cook down a bit but not too much! It makes 4 servings and it equals to 1 green, 1 red and 1 yellow (💚❤️💛) Let me know if you try it! Hope you love it as I do 😍
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I don’t think I will be able to move my arms tomorrow after this mornings workout. I made myself up my weight for all the upper body moves! I haven’t in awhile just because I was happy being at a weight where it didn’t burn too bad lol . . . . . . #2fightforfit #80dayobsession #80do #obsessedwithtoday #getobsessed #aaa #upperbody #weightlifting #weighttraining #arms #abs #booty #liftheavy #goals #workoutbuddy #germanshepherd #gsd #treadmilltraining #morningworkout #lifestylechange #noexcuses #motivated #fitness #progressnotperfection
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When your printer runs out of ink before printing your phase 2 tracking sheets... you use the clear spots of the paper to track weights anyway! #needtotrack #trackallthethings #weightlifting #weighttracking #makinggains #gettingstronger #80dayobsession #obsessedwithtoday #mightneednewink
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Day 30 - Legs - Done! Wow, that was brutal! My legs are so so so sore but I know I’m going to love the results! Hubby may be on bedtime duty with #thetugboat 😂 Iz asked me if I was getting skinnier today. I told her it wasn’t about getting skinny, it’s about getting healthy and getting stronger. Then she asked why I work out. I told her it’s my time for myself and makes me less grouchy. She then said “but you say bad words when you work out, how does that make you less grouchy?” 😂 it’s a love/hate relationship with @autumncalabrese and #80dayobsession #obsessedwithtoday #legday #stressrelief #cussingautumn #strongnotskinny #allthesweat #fitmomma #healthymomma #settinganexampleformykids
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I finally can say DAY 40 is done!!! I am over the hump!! I am a day behind but what matter is that I DID IT!! Half way done!! I needed the rest. I listened to my body and it was worth it. I felt better today. Now on to enjoy my post workout meal and rest.
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