When good businesses step up to support the community, really cool things happen and it sets a standard. Shout out to @crepespaulette for getting Uncomfortable with us! Come see if you're lucky enough to win one of these bad boys on Wednesday! #UncomfortableClothes #êatwithafrenchaccent #NWA #CornholeForKids
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New N.W.A. !!!
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My nigga dr Dre!❤️🔥from NWA to rolling with Snoop D-o-double g!! #90shiphop #90shiphopjunkie #nwa #niggazwithattitude #sno#snoopdogg #snoop #dogg #dr #dre #drdre #legend #00s #music #hiphop #beats #rap
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This #caption is a must #share 😍... #Repost @m.l.billion with @get_repost ・・・ I’ve Made A Mistake 😢 It’s so easy to judge a book by its cover🤦🏾‍♂️ and I allowed the way this young man looked to block me from the actual BLESSINGS that is his music. 😞 Sadly I am afraid that so many of us make the same mistakes with one another everyday. **** I judged the way this young man looked, and automatically wrote off any possibility that I might actually have enjoy his music. I discounted the fact that as a man, he may have a passion and heartfelt message that, in spite of his age, may actually have enriched my life. I was completely wrong for that! **** I had the opportunity to meet this young man before his passing, and because of my own ignorance, I declined. And unfortunately it wasn’t until his passing that I actually looked past my own ignorance and chose to listen to his music for the first time. 🤯 **** I was absolutely blown away! I really thought he was just another mumble rapper! I couldn’t have been more wrong. So it kinda lead me down the path to thinking , man we are all so judgmental as people and that’s wrong. **** It’s kind of like a light skinned HUman aka white person assuming that because I’m a dark skinned HUman and I wear gold chains, rock shell toes shoes and jump in & out of Lambos 🏎, that I must be a football player, a pimp, or a drug dealer. 😒 which is just straight judgmental and because I don’t agree with that assessment, I shouldn't be judgmental either! **** Sometimes we can be so messed up as people! So Young People, I Apologize for Judging You! And I will work hard to NEVER have that Happen Again! **** I am sooooo sorry for you all’s loss and may the young talented brother @xxxtentacion Rest In Peace. He will live on through all that love him and his music. **** Lastly to my generation, let’s support these young people on their journey of discovery; remember we were them once and our parents talked sh*t about the fact that our music wasn’t real music either🤔#2pac #biggie #nwa . . . . . #daytrader #daytrading #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #ripxxxtentacion #forex #forextrader #forextrading #trading #lebronjames #10x #grantcardone
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