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Deep South, there is a strong auspiciousness attached with the figure of 18 across cultures. The goddess Mahishasurmardhini (Slayer of buffaloe demon) is said to have 18 arms. Sabarimala the famois Temple of Sastha (the national god of Kerala) or popularly called Aiyappa, there are 18 steps indicating 18 weapons of Sastha or 18 tribes of humanity There's a famous folk god of Tamil Nadu called Karrupuswamy whose main Temple is located close to Madurai. There also his darsham happens via 18 steps. The celebration of Iravan cult- remembering the son of Arjuna who sacrificed himself for the sake of victory of Pandavas go on for 18 days - the duration of Mahabharata war. Adi Shankaracharya talks about 18 Shaktipeeths in his compilation Peetha Strotam. Even if we look at Hinduism texts, there are 18 Puranas, each of the Vedas as well as Geeta have 18 chapters, In the town of Moolabidri called Jain Kashi of south, where i would expect 24 temples dedicated to each of the Tirthankars, there are 18 Jain Basadis or temples.So even in the Jain culture out here, the figure of 18 is so holy The gods are so different and yet this number seem to be a common factor. Something to ponder upon!!! #mystery #18 #numerology #hinduism #jainism #mythology #moodbidri #jaintemples
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Each one of us has within ourselves a piece of the universe and unlimited potential...✨
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You are the universe and the universe is within YOU✨
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Look up, breathe in.
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