sunday funday 💁🏼‍♀️
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I don’t play when there’s a goal to meet!. . . . . . #fit#fitness/a> #npcprep #npcbikini #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #fitnessgirl #workout #backday
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I’m used to be the first person to say “I don’t have time.” But I know that if you’re organized, and SCHEDULE the time for yourself, then you have time. We had 40 mins to workout yesterday. Here’s what I did: •10 min bike warm up •Quick leg stretches •3 sets of 20 low/10 high banded lateral steps (sit in a lower squat position for the higher band position for a burn🔥) •3 sets of 15 dumbbell hip thrusters •3 sets of 15 straight leg deadlifts •3 sets of 20 lying hamstring curls-SLOW •3 sets of 15 (per leg) dumbbell curtsy lunges With 30 second rests in between sets you’ll be DONE ✅ *obviously video is at a faster speed😏
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Slowly adding on more size. Feeling good about everything.. Training is going great. Sticking to the program from @dreamweaveriv. Diet is on point thanks to @chefred79. Much more work to do! @brvndonflexx Big waves coming! 🌊💪🏾 • • New Villain tank from @tuffwraps! Super comfortable fit! Get your merch!
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All I can say is THIS WEEKEND. I cannot begin to explain the amount of happiness I am feeling from going to Miami Nationals last night and coming down back home for the weekend. The fitness community always amazes me every single damn time. It felt like one big muscle fam lol. It was a pleasure meeting the beautiful people of @suitsyouswimwear I cannot wait to wear this beautiful black suit! Also, thank you @redcon1 for the kick ass sports bra, I’m definitely taking some camera shots in this bad boy. Last, but not least thank you @steelfitusa for having such a great booth yesterday it was super awesome talking to y’all! • • • I got to see my teammate and beautiful pal compete, this girl served looks and left it on the stage. I’m so proud of her hard work, mental state, and whole being. I finally got to hang with Trav and Mill too which was so fun like I can’t wait to see them again. • • • All the athletes that competed this weekend, you all looked so amazing!! This definitely gave me motivation for next years battle. The fire is so freakin lit guys. • • • We put in some work at @flexappealmiami, thank you @prepbywill for having such an amazing gym! • • • Also, got some grub in at the Big Pink with the fam. (Paul said to tag him in some post show day food pics)🤷🏼‍♀️ @paulrevelia • • • I’m now getting my things ready to go for Gainesville, but I’ll be back Tuesday night for Turkey Day💓🤩 #athlete #tgfitness #bikinicompetitor #npc#npcni #npcflorida #npc #figure #physique #bodybuilding #workout #gym#gymvation #gym #showday #team #fam #fitfam #miamifitness #fitnesslife #bodybuildingmotivation
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