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Today is Earth Day. Remember, taking care of our worlds creations is not a political issue. 🌎
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It blows my mind that people don't believe climate change is real, and they don't believe we should be doing everything in our power to save our earth. It's not up for dispute!! The data is there, and that's that. But despite the facts, even if there is a slight chance that our earth and everything on it is dying, isn't that enough reason to work together to fix that chance? We. Need. To. Be. Changing. Our. Ways. We need to save our only planet, we need to clean the only air we breathe, we need to purify the only water we drink, and we need to save the only animals that exist today. Once our forests are gone, they are gone. Once our air is unbearable, we all die. Once our water is polluted beyond repair, we all die. Once any species becomes extinct, it's permanent. Make changes...as extreme as you can, because this problem IS extreme! Start with small steps, but make those steps bigger and bigger and more frequent! We only have one 🌎 and we cannot afford to be divided about this any more. This is not about politics. This is not about nationality. This is not about generations. We as humankind need to work together to solve this problem we have created. We have the means to do it, we simply need to decide to do it. #earthday2019 #climatechangeisreal #oneearth #endangeredspecies #notpolitical #facts💯
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One of, if not, the most recognizable names in the world ... real estate mogul, billionaire, actor, president . . . #notpolitical #trump #trumptower #chicago #nikon #presidente #chicagophotography #skyscraper #river #notmypresident #earthday
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Just like God to turn funky days around! Got my earrings and shirt that I ordered on vacay! It just so happened to show up today when I was in need of a little encouragement! 😌 This shirt can mean so many different things! For me, it means despite it all, I continue to go on! Despite evil, despite the negative or not so good moments... we continue to exist! We persist! With The Lord, we live more abundantly... in spite of what the world throws our way! #nevertheless #shepersisted #notpolitical #keepgoing
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