This masque always comes to the rescue when my skin is freaking out. My recent cold came with fever sweats which then caused a fever breakout on my face. 😡 After using @kiehls Deep Pore Cleansing Masque once earlier this week, the blemishes have almost all disappeared from my face. 🙌🏼 #thankskiehls #kiehls #kiehlsmasque #notanad #justaPSA
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New from Rouge Bunny Rouge launching today: AUBADES AND SERENADES Color-Matching Concentrate.* ✨🖌 . . . I’ve had a pleasure to test this product in advance. It’s a VERY pigmented color adjuster to customize your foundation shade. Only a tiny drop is needed and yes - there is a pump! RBR makes one of my favorite (if not THE favorite - I just opened my 2nd bottle!) foundations, the Milk Aquarelle, but the color selection is quite narrow and on the fairer side. 😔 Hopefully this product is helpful those with medium to tan skins! Also if you tend to tan towards Summer or shop foundation online, a color adjuster is helpful to have. The undertone of ’Sonnet’ is neutral, so it shouldn’t affect the tone of your base. I tend to stay pale all year so personally I will try this as a cream bronzer. 🤔 Full review coming soon! Meanwhile, check my blog for a K-beauty post - I interviewed the lovely @beautybemused 😱🙈💕 *Thank you to RBR team for sending this product to try. 🙏💞
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How it feels to chew 5Gum #notanad
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Moisture burst! On my Current fave list-Perfect dewy solution for dry to combination skin and plus it smells like spring. #notanad#skincareroutine#facemask#skincareaddict
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"🚨New Fave Product Alert!🚨 #HonestBeauty #SeaSaltSpray for the win! #EffortlessWaves in a bottle and it doesn’t leave the hair feeling crunchy! @honest #HonestlyEffortless #NotAnAd #MarksPicks" - @marktownsend1 | rg 😍
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PLASTIC FREE - are you excited yet? 😍 I am so excited to share this brand with you today. The brand called @purastainless is changing the baby bottle game. I recently asked my subscribers on YouTube what I should buy my best friend for her baby shower and out of all the comments I received, I thought plastic free bottles were the perfect gift. Not only are Pura's bottles plastic free, but they are designed to grow with the child! Swipe see what I mean 💚💙 #notanad #justaverycoolcompany
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SPRING cleaning🥦 . My body was craving #veggies this week so I decided to do my #veggiecleanse to lighten up for Spring. First thing I wanted to do is make sure I had food in the house I would actually eat. So often I will buy veggies with good intention then just get bored after the first salad. Anyone else do that, or maybe its just me?🤷🏻‍♀️ . So I decided to recreate this #salad that I love and eat everytime I'm in Maui. I have literally been eating it for 25+ years! Not only is it full of #ski#skinhealth> ingredients, but it transports me back to my island home.🌴 •spring mixed greens •grated carrot •grated raw beet •roasted pumpkin seeds •chickn' tofu - I will share recipe on my blog soon. •@primalkutchenfoods ranch dressing. 👉🏼Note: I usually use the local health food store's homeade dressing when in Maui but the @primalfoodskitchen ranch is a great alternative and really the only bottled dressing I use. It’s ingredients are super clean and it actually taste great, which is an impossible combo to find with bottled dressings.👍🏼 #notanAD . . . . . #skincoach #skinhealth #fitfoodie #antiagaing #ageless #skincare #skinfood #glutenfree #guthealth #paleorecipes #cleaneating #healthyrecipes #happylife #momlife #antiagingnutrition #glowingskin #youthfulglow #skingoals #skinspo #sugarfree #dairyfree #youthfulskin #healthyskin #youngerskin
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LOW CARB SNACK🙌🏻 y’all this junk is goooooood. I get the plain @siggisdairy yogurt and add almond butter, chia seeds and a little bit of @splenda ‘s brown sugar. I ate like a 1/2 of it at 5pm and (swipe to the next pic) my BG did super well. Any-who, I love this and you should try it and this is #NotAnAd. Lol 🖤🖤🖤🖤 #typeone #typeonediabetes #type1diabetic #type1diabetes #t1d #insulin #dexcom #yogurt #lowcarb #lowcarblife #diabetes #diabetic #diabetesblog
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