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This #nosleeprecords onesie has a butt-flap that I had to stand on a counter to showcase
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One of the coolest things that happened last year was my band @commongroundsmusic being featured on one of my favorite music publications @altpress. Who says dreams don't come true? High school me wouldn't believe me if I told him the life I was living right now I can't help but be grateful that the younger me never gave up and always kept working towards his dreams❤ FFO: Blink 182, Mayday Parade, Paramore, and Simple Plan. #sumerianrecords #invoguerecords #standbyrecords #epitaphrecords #riserecords #hopelessrecords #sonyrecords #staysickrecordings #arteryrecordings #unsigned #unsignedband #fearlessrecords #fueledbyramen #equalvisionrecords #nosleeprecords #purenoiserecords #tragicherorecords #victoryrecords
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💡They’re here.... !!! • Keep an eye on our story today for updates and live video from our preorder packing party 🎉 • Maybe we’ll even play some snippets from the EP and talk about the meanings behind the lyrics... 🙃 Stay tuned! • Preorders available at iTunes & Amazon; physical CDs and merch at www.goldstepsband.com!
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One week from today, ‘Incandescent’ will officially be released 💡 • This record has been an amazing journey for us, from the first notes written to our excited preparation for release. • You can still preorder in time for the release! We’re shipping every day starting tomorrow to make sure you receive the CD on time 📦 • iTunes: https://apple.co/2G9Vbib Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DemDbK Google Play: http://bit.ly/2tuBgIp Physical copies and merch: www.goldstepsband.com
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Something or another Design for sale!
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