Come sip, shop and mingle tomorrow. Support small businesses and amazing charities! I will be giving away a pretty awesome prize tomorrow if you come see me! Raffle will be at the end of the night or Friday. No need to be present to win. Bring your friends and family! #yappyhour #smallbusiness #wine #healthyliving #essentialoils #nontoxic #holisitic #naturalliving #freebie #lovewhatido #djblackice #dōTERRA #itworks #laspostiasvineyards
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Ever think about what you or your daughter or the women in your life are using for feminine hygiene products?? It’s something that I had never really considered or looked into until about 10 years ago, now I can’t even imagine using a regular tampon. ... Menstrual cups and cloth pads and period panties are all over the market and for good reason. ... If you need suggestions on where to find them let me know. I’m happy to help. ... Honestly it’s not as scary or gross and you may think. I’m sure there are a lot of women that can attest to that. #menstrualcup #menstruation #divacup #crunchymom #period #women #nontoxic
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We, women have a wonderful life. Once a month we get to deal with this unpleasant little event that we call our period. It’s annoying to say the least. You have to make sure you have all your feminine products stocked up, run to the store if you are out, and then there’s the fact that those feminine products can contain some not so nice ingredients (synthetic materials, bleach, and dioxin? No thanks!) ⠀  Let me introduce you to menstrual cups! These things have been a game changer in my life! What makes menstrual cups SO much better than tampons? ⠀  You can wear it for 12 hours straight! You can sleep in it! (that's enough reason right there!) Won't dry you out. Reusable (no monthly purchases and way less waste) Saves money ($20ish will last you a few years!) ⠀  I bet your dying to make the switch, now! Click the link in my profile to get all the details on why menstrual cups are the greatest thing ever.
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