Protein Coffee Cocoa Power Shake!! I've been experimenting and came up with a great recipe that's not only flavorful, but is caffeine free! I use a caffeine supplement in the morning, so I use decaf in the afternoon. Sub out the decaf for caffeine if you like. It is sooooo good!! It reminds me of a Starbuck's Mocha and you don't taste the protein powder! #proteinshake #fitness Recipe: 1 small banana 1 scoop of Whey Protein Powder 1 cup of water 2 measuring tsp decaf coffee 1/2 tsp of Hershey's Cocoa Special Dark 1 1/2 cups of ice cubes. Directions: Add banana to blender cup Add protein powder Mix coffee and cocoa into water, pour into blender cup. Add ice. Blend and enjoy! *V*
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It’s everything you could dream of🙊 • BANANA BREAD the Leela way 🍌🍞 • Gluten free Dairy free Sugar free But not but free • Sprinkled with cinnamon and peacans and ohhhhh so MOIST • This is our perfect Sunday pleasure🧡 • What’s yours? . . . #glutenfreedessert #bananabread #bakinghealthy #nodairydesserts #sugarfreedessert #sundayeats #healthybananabread #nomnomnomnom #guiltfreedessert #nuttopping #cinamonsprinkles #yumyumyum #yummyinmytummy😋 #sharingiscaring💕 #dessertgoals #breadtalk
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You guys I can’t get over the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry and how completely (obviously) profit focused they are, no matter what it takes. People are dying! The drug industry often tells us that we can make a symptom go away with very few lifestyle changes. All we have I do is pop a pill. But most often this doesn’t reach the bottom of the issue, the WHY. Why is this problem occurring in your body to begin with? We can mask symptoms forever but until we actually get to the bottom of the issue it’s still going to be causing more damage. Our body is a SYSTEM and we can’t fix one thing without effecting something else. Companies won’t make money if people are cured though, so the better option is to keep people sick, and just barely feeling like they are okay. This is why I’m SO passionate about holistic nutrition. It focuses on getting to the very bottom of what is going on and working from there. Looking at how the entire body is connected. A lot of serious issues can be traced to something as simple as the vitamins and minerals that our bodies are absorbing. Problems that people spend tons of money of for years in order to feel a little better. We shouldn’t have to live that way! Let’s take control of our own lives and not let businesses control our bodies! #holisticnutrition #nutritionaltherapy #greenliving #morningcommute #holisticliving #foodismedicine #eattherainbow #nomnomnomnom #gondolarides
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First Pizza grilled on my bbq with a pizzastone #grillpizza #bbq #pizza #nomnomnomnom
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One Pot Pasta!😍❤️ Would you eat it?🔥 . Follow @anytastyfood Credits
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