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Thanks for the memories @official7seconds @kevinseconds Back around 1985 me and my life long friend @melgutzjr just got into #pun#punk via heavy metal. Just like our early beginnings in #Metal, #punk was something fresh, new and exciting to us. Our starting point was renting #TargetVideo #NewWaveTheater and #thedeclineofwesterncivilization VHS tapes from #CaptainVideo on Columbus St in #sanfrancisco. One of our earlier heroes was #7SECONDS. Mel bought #walktogetherrocktogether first and got me into them. Our first 7seconds show was at #TheFarm with them headlining over #WhiteFlag #Aggression and some little band starting out called #NOFX. It would be the first of many we’d see if them as Reno and SF were only 3 hours apart. I just saw the news yesterday as my good friend @larryabunda (who was also at that Farm gig) shared the announcement on FB. It’s understandable why they are calling it an end as sometimes your body is giving you a signal, now is the time. It’s amazing they lasted as long as they did. Sure, there have been numerous fill in’s by other musicians, but the core has always been Kevin, Steve, Troy and Bobby. The last time I saw em was a couple years ago at @punkrockbowling. I’m very grateful they were one of my starting points in punk. #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinyligclub #records #recordcollection #recordigclub #vinylporn #compactdisc #stickers #rockshirt #punkrockflyers #skeenocore
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Kings and queens rule the land, There's more and more lines drawn in the sand. Pawns are crooks; Castles are rooks. It's too bad the good books Written for the sub-classes to introduce morality, Had nothing to do with reality. But then again, who would have ever read them? We read the par-Quran for lunch, Eat old testaments for a snack, And a little Lulla-bible before bed. There's no more points of view when your only thought is food. The bible has been replaced with a survival guide, That uses perishables instead of parables, Because there's no stories left to preach. There's no life lessons is left to teach anyone, why bother? Who are we? Are we the intellects or the insects? We're not the ones who will ever know the answer. It's impossible for us to imagine what is right in front of us. I guess that's what makes us think we're human. But being human only lets us see a little farther than animals. Feel depression from spending most of your life working? Try chemicals! Chemicals make everything better. Hate, love, morality. They're just chemical reactions. Are we just chemically imbalanced ants on chemically fueled rants? It really just comes down to sex and power. I bet the last man standing, the last human on this planet, The last person on the earth doesn't give a shit, Or has any idea that he or most likely she is the last one. The last person on this planet, Will fuck the dead and die thinking not about why didn't anyone care, But why her life was so unfair. It's time, it needs to be said, I'm sorry to be the one to inform you, But man and woman kind has unfortunately been pronounced dead. #Punk #NoFX #GenerationZ #FilterArtForBat #Sutro
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