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We are thrilled to congratulate the recipients of the 2018 #NIRSA Foundation research grants: Erin Patchett, Austin Anderson, Laura Morris, and Dianna Clauss! Learn more about the researchers and their fantastic projects by visiting the NIRSA News. #campusrec
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Congratulations to NIRSA Research Grant Recipient Erin Patchett! Donations to the NIRSA Foundation provide funding for the Research Grant Program so Erin can identify the factors that influence recreation professionals’ involvement in social justice. Learn more about Erin and the other three NIRSA Research Grant recipients by visiting the NIRSA news at the link in our bio! #NIRSA #NIRSAfamily #research #grants #campusrec #socialjustice #recreation
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I finally joined the ranks of eating it on the landing #ouchmypride
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How will you connect to your #NIR#NIRSAfamily or #campusrec community this weekend? #NIRSA
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To win the first game of the season is the correct step to where we want to be. We get what we deserve! #NATTY #ROADTOPENSACOLA #NIRSA @sergioperezuvalle @zacksantos94 @wes_mal123 @barron_2 @mejia_zay @tbustos40 @_lee.steezy2.0.0
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