Quote 1/5 “Military is all built on tradition.  You have a regimental tradition and regimental pride. There’s a major tradition built around the United States and the United Kingdom working together going all the way back to when we fought each other (laughs). All of the big endeavors like WWI, WWII, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even the peacekeeping missions we’ve done together. We share a common language so in these environments where we’re both out of our comfort zones in another culture, we get along and fight well together.  I can meet Marines here in San Clemente who were in the same towns as me in Afghanistan on the other side of the world. It’s fucking crazy because we basically had the same experiences and feel the same way about those experiences. It’s not as true with all nationalities and with all of our allies.  I think Americans and Brits are very much aligned in the military.  The Marines I see around here remind me so much of British soldiers. I can’t think of any instance where we had a negative experience with American troops.”—LCPL Geraint Jones (British Army, OIF, OEF Veteran)
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