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"It is impossible for those who have not visited this region to realize the abundance, luxuriance and depth which these peaty mosses - the true source of our rivers - attain under the shade of those dark northern evergreen forests... The remedy for this is an Adirondack park or timber preserve." - Verplank Colvin Verplank Colvin, a lawyer, surveyor, and advocate whose work helped establish the Adirondack Park and forever wild clause. It’s also cool that that his good friend Miles Blake also has a mountain in his namesake, right next to each other. Mt. Colvin and Mt. Blake are often climbed together (as I did last week). This view is from Mt. Colvin.
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This bell on Plum Island stands as a tribute to the lighthouse keepers who used it to keep mariners safe in foggy weather while navigating the strong currents off of Plum Island. One of those keepers was William W. Wetmore, the head keeper when the current lighthouse was built. Wetmore was also a heck of an angler who a lot of high profile individuals, including John Jacob Astor (the richest person to die on the Titanic) and President Grover Cleveland, who stopped by Plum Island seeking advice from in regards to catching bluefish. Plum Island, Long Island, New York. June 2017. Photo by @thenicebrice
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How perfect is this?🙌 Love 💕 the Chalet style...one of my favorite cabins on Trout Lake!! ..... It’s been another hot and sticky day🔥...I’m looking forward to cooling off in the lake!! ..... How are you going to beat the heat??😎
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