Tell me where you go When your eyes flutter shut And your breathing becomes deep As the sky, Show me how your mind Wanders gently by your side Holding hands with your heart While you fly, And Tell me what you think when the crease of your brows Like a wrinkle in time so tries To tell me how you feel While you sleep longer still Buried in a flowerbed of lies. And can I come with you ? Where ever it is you go? where rain turns to fire ? And dust turns to snow ? And the time between us disappears Like a clock so slow It ticks backwards and forewords, Then backwards once more. I’ll meet you on the edge of reality and dreams, Once we discover what it all really means. And maybe then the path will show All the answers we already know.
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i am fragile. as much as i hate to say it some days; i come home close my door jump on my bed and don’t even make it into the covers and i break down. it took me months to tell my mom to leave the lights on because i was scared to look in the mirror and see what a mess ive become. i spent most my life in the dark shaded or sheltered at the age of 5 I swear my parents put sunglasses on me and told me “don’t take them off until your ready” to shield me from the world that i was so ungraciously put into sometimes i wish i still had those sun glasses. some days i live out side my body it’s hard for me to communicate I’d rather drown in my own thoughts than make it hard for you to even float im fine really you get used to it eventually is something you should never say some days breathing hurts it’s a reminder that im still alive when that’s one of the most hardest things to do is to stay alive some days i pinch myself just to feel something im drained most of my time spent in the shower is convincing myself that i am worthy of being taken care of and the rest of the time is being mad at myself for taking care of a body i feel trapped in i guess things will be fine im breakable, you can knock me down in one blow to the heart i should have a “do not touch” sign across my chest please don’t hurt me i know those words to well but at least now, i know when to use them. #iamfragile #poetry #poetsofinstagram #newpoet #inallhonesty #communityofpoetry #newcomo #nationalpoetrymonth2019
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Remember youre alive for a reason. Make the most of your life❤️ ... Photo does not belong to me... @alyssamichelle.poetry © ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetsociety #poems #poetryporn #poetryisnotdead #poetsofig #worldpoets #writerscommunity #writerscorner #love #lovepoetry #heartbreak #cafepoetry #writerstag #omypoetry #bleedingsoulpoetry #packpoetry #communityofpoetry #newcopoet #silverleafpoetry #theliteralscript #writers_den_ #bookofpoets #aspiringauthor #newpoet #writingcontest #bookstagram
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