🌟 New product launch 🌟 From January, I will be making these beautiful “flower” arrangements. These will be made using a combination of bibs, socks, Muslin cloths, baby grows, fake flowers and vests and presented in a flower box. Prices start from £40 and can be made for baby girl, baby boy or gender neutral 👶🏼 #fakeittoyoumakeit #surprise #newproduct #newmummy #newbaby #waddletoswaddle #dungannon #pink #purple #blue #green #white #cream #babyshower #babygift #giftideas #supportsmallbusiness
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Looking something speacial this Christmas?🎄🎁Surprise a loved one with this lovely photo frame is perfect for capturing your Baby's First Christmas.💓 Check out some more of our Christmas Gifts on our website, Rinkies.com🐻
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Let's talk baby essentials! Newborns need: 1 - a safe place to sleep. The simplest and cheapest option is a moses basket, but if you have the space newborns can go straight into a cot. Just make sure you don't use any pillows, bumpers, or duvets - instead use a sleeping bag or cellular baby blanket. 2 - something to wear. Vests and sleepsuits are perfect. They are cheap and easy to get on and off, and if you buy the ones that cover hands and feet, you can skip buying separate gloves and socks. If you're having a winter baby you'll also need a coat and a hat. 3 - milk. If you are planning to breastfeed you can hold off on a breast pump or bottles - wait till you need them to buy. But if you're planning to bottle feed make sure you have bottles, formula, and a sterilising system. 4 - baby wash. A head-to-toe one is perfect - a little goes a long way, so one bottle will last you at least a month. 5 - nappies and wipes. Whether you're using disposables or reusables, make sure you have a big stack of them. You can use cotton wool pads and cooled boiled water insread of wipes if you prefer. 6 - a car seat. 7 - someway to get around. This could be a stroller or a carrier depending on your lifestyle. Thats it! That is literally, honestly, all you need for your newborn - they just need to be fed, warm, clean, and safe. The only other non-essentials that I recommend buying to make life with a newborn a little bit easier are dummies, swaddle blankets, and a bath seat. If you want to buy more, and you have room in your budget, then go for it - but honestly mama, SO many newborn items go unused, so don't feel like your baby will suffer AT ALL if you don't buy more. Baby stuff gets used for such a short time so second hand, whether they're hand-me-downs or brought online or from a market, is a great option. If you're buying new, the most expensive options really aren't always the best, so check out reviews and don't ever feel like you have to spend a lot of money - you don't! And always alway remember what your baby needs most of all is to feel their skin on yours, and to have a mama who is as happy and healthy as she can be 💛💛💛 . Photo: @babymoriuk
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Need a coffee and chocolate fix after the little little guy had me up many times last night. Gone for a skinny vanilla cappuccino, so at least still making good choices in my zombified state. Cappuccino was free thanks to vitality points! . . #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldbreastfeeder #slimmingworldbreastfeeding #newmum #newmummy #sw #foodoptimising #mumlife #gettingslimmer #slimmingworldjourney #weightloss #losingweight #healthy #slimmingworldmotivation #swuk #onplan #swmafia #slimmingworldsupport #pcos  #pcosweightlossjourney #pcoswarrior #swinsta #slimmingworldfollowers #slimmingworldfamily
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Lovely catch up and lunch with @danielle_edward_inatimi Talking business, 2019, Christmas and life in general got too much for the babies 💗💙 #mumlife #mummypreneur #newmummy #workingmum #busymum #2019goals
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