As new parents you are always asked how is the baby sleeping and always this aspect is the one with most struggle. For me I find this to be the most challenging part of my #newmomlife and the research nazi in me has read books, blogs and what not to equip me with the right knowledge! Though Aahira is not a sleep champ but with these tips she has a better schedule and both of us are happier and feel better rested. Mind you we are going through the ‘4 month sleep regression’ right now but still I swear by these: . . ✅ Follow the EWS (Eat, Wake, Sleep) cycle. This ensures that the baby never associates eating as a cue for sleeping, plus after the baby eats immediately after waking up she is more energetic and feeds full rather than just snack . . ✅ Be aware of the waketimes. For each age a baby has a waketime( I will put up the waketime ranges in my stories/higlights). Make sure the baby is awake for that much strech at a time in a day and then is put down for a nap. If she is awake beyond the range it gets difficult to make the baby nap as she is over tiered and fussy . . Combining the above here is an example, suppose for my 3 month old her waketime is 1.5 hrs, she gets up from her nap at 1pm, then eats for about 20-30 mins and then plays/interacts and then she is down for her next nap at 2:30pm . . ✅ Make sure the baby has good naps. I find this most difficult though. A good nap is generally anywhere between 45mins to 2 hrs. As a practice if she gets up in between her nap I try for 15mins to make her sleep and if that is not happening and she seems happy I wake her up and go about with the EWS cycle . . ✅ For Bedtime have a routine so that baby associates it with night time sleep, and be consistent with the time. It is easiest for a baby to sleep between 7-8pm. . . I am no way an expert but a little knowledge never hurts😬 Let me know if you have any questions and we can chit chat and make the parenting journey less stressfull. . . . . . . . . . #indianmomblogger #indianmombloggers #mommyblogger #momblogger #momlife #babygirl #newbornlife #babytips #babysleep #babysleeptips #newparent #momtips #bangaloreblogger #mominfluencer
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Pregnancy fact: fetal cells can circulate mom’s body potentially repairing organ tissue. 🤰🏻✨ . Talk about a deep ever-lasting bond between mom and baby! Fascinating studies show evidence of microchimerism - the persistsant presence of genetically distinct cells - in mothers! Male “Y” chromosomes were found embedded in female brains and since these cells are genetically male, it was investigated that they came from the babies through the placenta. . Further studies show that fetal michrochimeric cells are similar to stem cells - they are able to become a variety of different tissues and help in tissue repair! 💕🤰🏻👶🏻 . . . 📸 the amazing @shancaitphotography
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Sweet P learns to sit 💙 . . #mil#milestonesession #milestone #halfwaytoone #bab#babygirl . Sitting is the most fascinating of the developments as the baby turns from horizontal to upright posture, the transitions are sudden and very astute. Most important necessities for the milestone 🚼 Head control 🚼 Body awareness (Coordinating the trunk and pelvis from head to hips, using their legs and buttocks as the base of support ) . . What the paed daddy says - So most sitting doesn't happen overnight, you can make your lo sit with support ( initially not extending 15 mins of time at one go) until they stop wobbling and start to sit comfortably. . . Btw.. Sweet P still is on the sitting with support phase and does this wobble dance which is super cute to watch . 😊 . . #babiesofinstagram #bab#babygram #doctordad #babymilestones #newmom #newmomlife #pediatrics #doctormom #babygram #babiesindia #babygirl #momfollow #indianmom #instadaily #instababedaily #documentingthedays #momswhoclick #mommieswithcameras
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Saree is ❤️♥️💚💚 I used love wearing a saree right from my childhood and I still remember how I used just pick up my mom's saree from washing machine (yes I said washing machine) and wrap it on my frock and pretend to be like my mom or my aunt. Whenever I think about it I just laugh my heart out 😂😂😂 . . . . . . . #indianmommyblogger #sareelove #childhoodmemories #momnme #babygirl #momsofinstagram #momsofhyderabad #vintagefeels #newmomlife #momsdiary #newmomdiaries #happymommy #motherhood #indianblogger #newblogger
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