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Dedicated senior emergency care and inpatient services at North Alabama Medical Center will have a gerontologist available for older adults and their families in North Alabama. #IMFORBETTER
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It’s official...we are moving!! 10,000 square feet of gorgeousness opening in Queenborough in December! With brand new facilities! #crossfit #queenborough #newfacility #expansion #bigtings #newgym
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Newly designed #powermatelite! We have been working very hard and are getting close to release and even closer to changing the world of baseball! #patented #weeksaway #newfacility for @sierranevadaelite?! I think so!
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The Emergency Room at North Alabama Medical Center was strategically constructed to segment higher and lower acuity patients, with carefully sized rooms grouped in pods of four for increased efficiency. #RCCHHealth #IMFORBETTER
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Being together is better. That’s why we built our critical care unit waiting room overlooking the main lobby, so that our patients and their loved ones can find visitors as soon as they enter the hospital. #IMFORBETTER
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Our CEO, Amy Czarny Hancock is spending the day at Grove Manor and had a great lunch with our rehabilitation therapy staff! #feeltheadvantage #advantage #betterservice #betterquality #betterresults #youdeservetogetbetter
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Today these ladies are actually smiling while doing their seated Presses! #newfacility #traininghouse
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