Happy Nyepi to all my Bali friends!♡ This is my absolute favorite holiday in any culture and religion. A day where you just stock up on all your favorite foods and stay in bed ALL day long bingewatching tv shows. Nyepi, is a none optional public holiday in Bali where you are not allowed to leave your house. Not a joke, it's real. Hindu New Year and designated silent day takes place today. The silence is to convince the evil spirits that Bali is abandoned so they won't settle there when they pass by to inhabit the globe. This means you are not allowed to leave your house, use lights, work, make any noise or light fires. It's a day for meditation and fasting, you are not supposed to use any kind of entertainment-even enjoying a book, you may read one, but you can't enjoy it. Perfect for self reflection to make the coming year fruitful and joyful. However most people do use their kitchen and watch movies nowadays, just no lights on or popo might come knocking on your door. The whole island shuts down including airport, if you are spotted outside you might end up in lockup by the patrolling police(the only ones allowed to be out) for the remainder of Nyepi and will definetly be fined for your wrongdoings. So all you can hear throughout the day is the birds singing, the wind across the rice fields and come nighttime the sky is so clear you can se aaall the details in the milky way, it's amazing. What's not to love about this day? Wish I could have gone back this year ♡
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take the highest point for sunrise once in a while...
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more comfortable silences 🌴
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Dirt roads are my favorite. I can't wait for warmer weather. I push our car to the limit and take it places that I probably shouldn't. We are thinking a Jeep is in our future. This particular road requires no off roading. This hike is in Cameo, and you might just see wild horses along the route!🐎🐎🐎🐎 I ❤ western slope living! ❤❤❤❤ #colorado #wildandfree #dirtroad #hiking #hike #wildhorses #adventuretime #wee#weekends #weekend #exploremore . . . . #lovelivingincolorado #wes#westerncolorado #westernco #westernslope #westslopebestslope #cameo #outandabout #outdoors #outside #optoutside . . . . #lovewhereyoulive #home #homeiswheretheheartis #explorecolorado #coloradoliving #coloradolove #coloradoproud #neverstopexploring #exercise #jeep
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