✧˖° °˖✧ - for crystal; im so glad I met you on here and got to know you & you’re amazing soul. ty for putting up with my annoying ass and thanks for always blessing my feed. ilysfm bby hope you like this. - woah this photo shoot though? hana=shook - ib for the mirror pngs & the books / vorschau - I have smth special planned for all of you guys so I’m excited to see how it turns out 🙈 [ also if you want me to edit someone in particular just dm me ] - opinions ? @neslihanatagul @nihkemstan
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الإعتياد ، وخاصة اعتيادي على الوحده لا تفقدني اياه عبثا . - اوغوز اتاي #poyrazkarayel #dip #dipdizi #ilkerkaleli #burcinterzioglu #ataberkmutlu #neslihanatagul #oguzatay #القاع #اقتباسات #كتب #مسلسلات_تركية #روايات
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