Random question 🤔 If someone calls you “Barbie,” should you be offended? I mean, I know you can “choose” how to feel, but still. 🖤 Back story: got my eyelashes done for the first time ever (and I LOVE them, btw)
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Today’s #stitchtober letter is S so I stitched a pair of green socks 🧦 I love socks and they are one of my favorite clothing accessories! Tomorrow I will be stitching something that begins with T. What could it be? 🤔
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The pattern is simple and easy enough for beginners 🙂 To download the free "You are a gem" PDF pattern go to the link in the profile. You also can watch tutorial on my YouTube channel. Happy stitching 💎😁 . . . . #embroidered #handembroidery #tutorial  #diyvideos #embroiderypattern #craftsfeed #modernembroidery #modernembroiderymovement  #stitchersgonnastitch #embroiderymagazine  #embroideryinstaguild #needleworksociety #creatorslane  #huffpostarts #craftbuzz #dstexture #abmlifeisbeautiful #dsart  #bordado #broderie
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Hi folks, I’m Polly. I tried to sit down and write a short bio about myself so you could get to know who it is behind the folklohr- But I feel the above video best represents who I am as a person and dare I say, artist. This is me. A scene from a Live Photo on my iPhone, while I try to take a proper picture with my embroidery. It can’t get any more real or awkward than this. Hello and welcome. #TheSongIsAMelodyForAnxietiesAndThingsOfTheSortWhichIsAppropriatelyNamed.
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