Who here has a needle phobia? ・・・ Happy midwifery Monday #yourpocketmidwife ・・・ Getting a needle is never pleasant but full-blown needle phobias occur in 1 out of 10 people (meaning it causes symptoms of anxiety or panic). Pregnancy sure seems to involve a lot of needles and since I had to get an injection myself recently I thought I'd talk you through my survival guide. When I first sat down in the chair, I could feel my heart rate start to rise. I had to remind myself that the thought of it is always worse than the reality (that idea was good in theory but try convincing my irrational brain of that). As the nurse went off to gather the equipment, I started picturing a woman in labour and how she can focus on her breathing as a way of coping with contractions. If she can do that, then SURELY I can use breathing to overcome a silly little needle, right? I could feel myself start to calm. Of course, when she returned with her kidney dish full of supplies, up went my heart rate again. It was on to plan B – Distraction. I decided to tell her I was nervous (because that always seems to have a calming effect in itself) and that I’d be focusing on something else for a while. Then I closed my eyes and started trying to recall all the minute details of my day from yesterday. What time I got up, what did the alarm sound like, pictured myself walking to the shower etc. The injection was over with before I’d even gotten to imagine what I’d had for breakfast. Even though I knew the reality is never as bad, sometime telling yourself that isn’t enough. I find if you go in armed with coping techniques to help calm and distract yourself, most people will be able to get through it. I think it’s worth rewarding yourself with a treat after too as a way of creating a positive association instead of negative one (considering most needle phobias have been cause by a past negative experience).
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