#transformationtuesday . . . My baby turned 1️⃣ today! 🎉🎁 . . . He got spoiled rotten - the proof is in my stories. . . . He drives me crazy 90% of the time, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.
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I feel like everything happens for a reason. I had gone off and on with basically every nutrition program out there. You name it, I tried it. I never got into a consistent exercise routine. I always wanted to be one of those people who enjoyed working out but I hated it. Then I was introduced to superfood shakes, clean eating portion control & 30 minute workouts I could stream anywhere. And here’s the truth: I began and fell off many times. Because I wasn’t ready mentally. That’s why, now that I have overcome that mental barrier, I run accountability groups which focus on the mindfulness & mental barriers just as much as the clean eating and consist workouts. Having someone tell me “well if you really wanted it you’d do it” never was an approach that worked for me personally. Im so glad I did go through that though, because it has made me such a stronger leader & coach. If you want a life of balance, for someone to understand you and not just bark at you to make it work, want someone who will respect your busy schedule and challenges but who can lead you to a better mindset and physical health too, MESSAGE ME. Don’t wait. #hustle #heart #nevergiveup #freshstart #needtoloseweight #needachange #quitting #trustworthy #furmom #teachersgetfit #brunette #brunettelife #wifelife
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Parents it is summer am I right!?!?! And well we are struggling with attitude control and basic "chores" in the Hagen house. . Welp after perusing #pinterest and countless #momblogs I decided to create a #chorechart for each munchkin and an attitude check chart. Once 10 good days of checking in verses taking the negative road are achieved they will get to choose a fun reward. . Now I have been kind of resistant towards rewards only because I feel like they shouldn't be rewarded for doing things they should already be doing. However this is where we are and such is life. Any mama's have good tips or tricks?
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I hate how society has split up people into 8 castes. Caste One - Royalty Caste Two - Celebrities,Military and police officers Caste Three- scientists, doctors, and educated professionals Caste Four- business owners and managers Caste Five - performers Caste Six - housekeepers and cooks Caste Seven - manual laborers Caste Eight - homeless people and undesirables People should be free to be and do what they want. It limits people's ability to live a happy life. They are just stuck to the caste that their parents are. It is not right, if I want to be a business owner I should be allowed to be one. Society makes it so hard to live a happy life now. I want to go back to the time after WWIII. Everyone is equal and can do as they please. In that time people could marry for love and do any job they enjoy. In my society, a man from a lower caste could ask for your hand, but it was rare to get a yes. And when anyone marries into a different caste, they had to fill out paperwork and wait for something like ninety days before its approved or disapproves. It is not right and someone needs to stand up and change things. #societysucks #needachange #getridofcastes #gobackintime
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L'été arrive, avec son lot de soleil, de chaleur et d'esprit léger. J'aimerai que cet été se passe bien, pour vous comme pour moi. Malheureusement, j'ai l'impression que l'été est la pire saison pour les dépressifs. Ça dénote dans le paysage joyeux-joyeux de l'ambiance des vacances. Je suis en arrêt de travail parce que j'ai replongé et je vais perdre mon emploi, parce que je n'ai jamais su m'intégrer. Parce que je suis différente. Parce que j'ai fait le choix de ne pas mentir et pas être joyeux-joyeux quand tout autour de moi n'était que superficialité et égoïsme. On m'a recruté pour mon "humanité" et on me dégage pour les mêmes raisons. L'été a peu de chances d'être bon pour moi. Il me tarde de retrouver une stimulation intellectuelle autant que me retrouver entourée de gens m'effraie. Je ferai en sorte de garder la tête hors de l'eau, ça s'annonce difficile. J'aurai aimé voir davantage mes amis, mais eux travaillent. Et franchement, je m'accroche a eux comme une tique sur un allemand en short en forêt. C'est déjà beaucoup plus que ce qu'ils devraient supporter. A moi d'être adulte. A moi d'aller bien par moi-même. Et pour moi-même. #depression #friend #missyou #needachange #thankforsupport #love #sun #cocacola (et #sexyboobs)
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Thinking about life and how good it would feel to have the chance to make it better for my wife and myself... #needaprayer #thinkingonlife #needachange
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Just another simple and happy day. . . . . . . #park #londonparks #afteraswim #sunset #trees #rest #takeapause #therearepeople #needachange
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