One thing some of you may not know is that Linville Gorge is famous for its mysterious "Brown Lights". They are little orbs of lights that hover and blink around the mountain ranges and are most visible at night. Nobody has figured out what they are, yet. I saw plenty while I was out there and honestly couldn't think of a single explanation for them. I even caught a photo of one and it's in this shot. The second image is cropped in and it's the tiny dot in the top-middle of the image.
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Shot from a pre baby trip to #chimneyrock. I was lugging around a #mamiyarb67 as a vacation camera. I miss that camera.
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For all your CBD needs and information @greenlifefamilyfarms #CBD #Legal
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For all your CBD needs and information @greenlifefamilyfarms #CBD #Legal
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Someday the sun will return. Today is not that day. #gloomy #rainfordays
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