Player Spotlight: Brook Lopez 🎥 - If I said Brook Lopez transcended the best team in the NBA, would you believe me? - 2018-2019 (81 Games) Stats: 12.5 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 1.2 apg, 2.2 bpg Percentages: 45.2 FG%, 36.5 3PT%, 84.2 FT% - Obviously Giannis is the most valuable asset in all of basketball, but the way Brook Lopez has transformed the Bucks (60-22) can NOT go unnoticed. - This is what he’s done this season alone, but keep in mind, he’s a 7-foot CENTER: - vs. PHI (10/24): 21 pts, 5-11 3PT @@@ POR (11/6): 22 pts, 6-10 3PT @ LAC (11/10): 20 pts, 6-12 3PT @ DEN (11/11): 28 pts, 8-13 3PT vs. BRK (12/29): 24 pts, 7-15 3PT vs. DET (1/1): 25 pts, 7-12 3PT vs. LAL (3/19): 28 pts, 5-11 3PT - No 7-footer in the HISTORY of the NBA has hit more 3-pointers in a season than Brook Lopez. The Bucks rank 2nd in 3PM only to the Rockets’ analytically driven machine. - While I love the new “Splash Mountain” nickname, Lopez wasn’t always the 3PT marksman he is today. In his first 8 seasons Lopez only attempted 31 3-pointers connecting on 3 of them (9.7%). In this season ALONE Lopez has attempted 512 3-pointers making 187 of them (36.5%). - His career 6.5 rpg don’t really tell the whole story either. While Lopez might not directly attribute to rebounding in the box score, his teams have ALWAYS been significantly better on the glass due to his ability to box-out opposing bigs. - Lopez’s on/off defensive rebounding differentials ranked in the 98th, 91st, & 76th percentiles in the 3 seasons prior to joining Milwaukee this year. Last season the Bucks ranked 27th in rebound rate, this season they rank 3rd. Lopez was the only change in the starting lineup. - He’s averaging a career high 2.2 bpg and leading the league in contested shots by a WIDE margin. All while the Bucks clock in as the most efficient defense in the entire NBA. - Brook Lopez signed a “measly” 1-yr/$3.4M contract with the Bucks this past summer, I have a feeling they’re going to want to re-up on his services. - What are some of your free agency predictions? - @NationalBasketballAnalyst -
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Who's The Best Small Forward In The NBA? 🔥
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What’s your favorite Dirk moment? 🥶 - Follow @triplethreattakeover for more 🏀 - Happy Easter! 🐣 #dirk #dirknowitzki #hof #thisiswhyweplay #bball #nbahighlights #nbahistory #onelastdance #middlechild #jcole
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Will the Pistons break the record of most consecutive playoff losses tomorrow night vs. Milwaukee? Milwaukee is up 3-0 in the series. #THEBASKETBALLINSIDER #TBIGANG Follow @thebasketballinsider for more great content!!!
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James Harden's acting is on point...Maybe he should be in Space Jam 2? (via @ballislife)
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