'GIVE ME A STORY' by @wattaaaaaaa 📸: @aalopakoda Give me a story where I do not have to bargain my brownness for queerness, a movie that speaks my tongue, that realises I'm here, have always been,  that knows, you can not scrub off the rainbows on tombstones,  but you can acknowledge why they fill so many graves. Give me a story where this struggle isn't reduced to tokenism, where effeminate body language isn't a character trait but an identity,  that hasn't been reduced to the joke, to the punchline,  where this identity cannot be camouflaged behind doubt,  cannot be unseen,  anymore.  Give me a story where this identity isn't the plot device, but the plot,  because when this isn't about survival,  it's about giggling,  and hand holding,  and two brides wearing red without having to bleed, and transcending across the lines of urban and rural,  and English and Bengali and Malayalam , and tribes and castes and regions and states,  and still being erased, conformed to the binary this heteronormativity. CLICK ON THE LINK IN OUR BIO TO READ THE FULL POEM.
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