Things that make me nauseas- windy car rides, any rides at the fair, and bearing children. That last one gives me nausea 24/7 for 9 months straight 😂 Here are some great ways to take the edge off and help soothe your stomach! I’m loving the new ginger drops- where were those when I was pregnant?! Another tip- our the peppermint behind your ears What oils do you use for nausea? Share below! Looking to bring oils into your home? Message me for my promos in your area! I will teach you all the ways to use them!
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Frankincense // so grateful this comes in the PSK otherwise I would’ve never found the love of my life🤪
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Y’all have less than 5️⃣ hours to take advantage of this sale!!! 💸🌱💚💸🌱💚💸🌱💚💸🌱 Message me with any questions❓❓ #cbd #cbdoil #hem#hemp #hemp #natural #naturalliving #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #theresahealthierway #sales
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Even our fur babies pick up on crystal vibrations ! You will tend to notice them hanging around when you are doing your spiritual practices 🙊
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He is Risen. As a Catholic, following through the Lenten journey has always been a part of tradition. This year, I gave up my personal Instagram account to sacrifice all the time I spent there. Besides updating occasionally here, Instagram was a big temptation I had to resist. Now that it’s Easter, I’m reactivating my account, but with the constant reflection to spend my time more meaningfully elsewhere. Have a good Easter Sunday!
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Hey 👋🏼 it’s been awhile since I’ve given an intro and I have lots of new friends here on the gram. 💕 I’m a wife to my main man Doug of almost 10 years and I’m a mom to 3 cute freakin kids. Two boys 🧒🏼👦🏼👧🏼and a girl. I’m totally obsessed with affordable fashion, home decor and flowers. We do lots of projects around our house so lots of fun before and afters. I find the idea and my man makes it happen🔨 . In my free time you’ll find me at Hobby Lobby, Target or @cocalicocreek I love shopping and being with friends. #socialbutterfly I’m a total essential oil fanatic and I am honored to help you find your way towards living more toxic free. My family uses oils every single day for our health, our emotions, our hormones, and to clean our home. It’s my delight to educate and help those looking to be their own advocate and take their health into their hands. This lifestyle has made a huge impact on ours and hundreds of others and I’m so happy you’re here. I hope you are inspired and learn how to take easy steps to better your home. So feel free to ask questions it’s my passion and I love finding solutions. Mama always told me “there’s a solution for everything” Photo cred : @abigailrose_photo #pursueyourpurpose #Getuncomfortable#Yleo #Ylessentialoils #Naturaloptions #Myoilyday #Healthygoals#Oil#Oilylifee#Theuniversehasyourback#Oilymamma#Lifeisshort #Oilylife #Eatclean #Failforward #Purposefulliving #wellwateredwomen#Iamenough #Livewithintention #Cleanliving #Naturalliving #Youareworthy#Toxicfreehome#Momboss #Oilylife#Askmehow#Sustainableliving#Healthybabies
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Is it possible to get lashes with LOTS of volume using #natural #nontoxic mascara?⁣ ⁣ 💻⬆️ New post on the blog talking about my experiences replacing Covergirl mascara with @mineralfusionnaturalbrands ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #mascara #naturalmakeup #organicliving #lesstoxiclife #naturalliving
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