This right here is one of the reasons I picked up the camera. The ability to create something beyond the usual. Harsh light, shadows, and even had to enter her space for this one. I don't just see another picture here, I see a woman's strength, I see a retiree who believes she has more to give to the world beyond her career. Not perfect, yet not giving up instead blending the imperfections into a unique creation captured in portraiture. #Photography #Portraiture #NaturalLight #CapturingEssence #BeyondTheRules
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Senior Session - Kaitlyn Class of 18
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Ja już spakowany, na plener przygotowany. Postaram się w miarę możliwości zdawać na bieżąco relacje tymczasem zmierzam do auta, by dojechać na obiad a nie kolację. 📸😁🚗
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