Nossos colares no dia-a-dia 📿
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ってか…世の中はまだお盆休み?. いつも大渋滞する柏原線. スッキスキで40分も早くついた🙌🙌🙌. ゆっくりこれ😆食べれる~❤. 美味しいよ☝これ😆❤⤴. . . #ゆみさん家 #笑顔日和 #小さな笑顔 #空の心 #感謝と平和 #naturallife #simplelife #warmfullife #peaceful#訪問介護
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--The Universe is a river-- • • • Sometimes the river runs fast, chaotic and unpredictably. Other times it winds lazily, drifting along without rush. • •Riding with the current instead of fighting it provides for a more satisfying and safer existence. Sure, it can be great fun to resist the current sometimes. But as in all things, if you recognize it, there is a certain rhythm at which life happens at. And if you can join into that rhythm, if you can really groove with all aspects of the river, then you'll be alright. • • Flowing with the current instead of against it is the meaning of Wu Wei, the taoist concept that inspires the name With Way. • • You can fight nature all your life; you can strive to overcome the seasons, animals and plants. Invarisbly you will fail, as seen in the destruction of the natural world throughout the last 150 years. But working with nature, or riding with that current, provides for a fun and sustainable existence. Most native humans have lived and breathed this message, and so can you. • • • • • #sustainability #wisdomofwater #nat#natures #wuwei #nature #blog #nativehumans #naturallife #photography #abetterlife #tao #gowiththegrain
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No malgastes lágrimas nuevas en angustias viejas!!.😏👌🍍⌚#milife#naturallife#instasize
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This diffuser blend is a kick off to some great homemade lubes I will share with you in the next few days . 💧💧drops of each of these oils in a diffuser will set the mood in your house or room. As a general rule of thumb when about to apply something on your genitals: be freaking careful! Your vagina / penis is a precious and delicate part of your body, so don’t just put anything up in there without thought. Know that anything that has any form of sugar in it, might trigger a yeast infection. All of the recipes I have are for Doterra essential oils only .
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