The faces behind Femme Cabal. 👱🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️👩🏻 —We are proof that deep love can exist amongst women with vastly different experiences but a common goal for equality. —We are just a small facet of what “Femme Cabal” is. We set out to create a safe space online for women in Edmonton to have their voices be heard and their feelings be validated. We have a blog on our website where you are welcome to tell your story, whatever it may be. Your individual experience as a woman in Edmonton is important. We wanted to show our faces not for self promotion, but to show that there are real humans behind this account, and we genuinely care about you. — PS This account is 97% run by @jurassicave so if you want something added/promoted or have a question, message her directly for the quickest response 👍
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New line of jewelry: Nasty Woman Collection. Kidding! I was practicing building with wax so I made this stick figure! 😂 #kennethpierredesigns #kennethpierrejewelry #jewelry #jewellery #kidding #nastywoman #stickfigure #wax #waxcarving #experimenting #learning #practice #metalsmith #jewelrydesign #practicemakesperfect #picoftheday
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Всегда приятно украсить свой смартфон авторскими чехлами, что были специально отрисованы для нашего магазина. Прекрасные персонажи оживят любой телефон, так как мы изготавливаем пластиковые и силиконовые крышки абсолютно для всех моделей.
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I normally don’t do this but I felt like it was important. So gather around. It’s story time. Today I witnessed a middle aged man following a young girl in her 20s on the street. She was walking as fast as she could without her gait turning into a full out sprint. At 10AM, here she is dodging the crowd on Main St while simultaneously trying to lose this low life of a man. Moving with less urgency but keeping pace with her, it’s almost as though this awful off-tune song and dance was actually enjoyable to him. It triggered me in a way that I had to voice it. So if you want the full story please swipe through the photos on this post. I wasn’t able to fit it in the caption due to instagram’s word limit. But here is the main take away. Sexual harassment is NOT acceptable. No does not imply “try harder”. It definitely does not mean “convince me”. There is no game to be played and no meaning to be read between the lines. No means no. Women, like men, deserve the right to be treated humanely.
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30 Day Challenge -- Focused on getting rid of cellulite, shredding fat & getting bikini ready! 👙 Led by Bryanna Gomez & Melissa Lopez🙆🏻‍♀️ Enrolling new and existing beauties that want to continue to grow their booties 🍑 1st Place results WIN $150 Amazon Gift Card 😍 4 winners will Get a branded gift 🎁 Don’t grow a bigger booty alone, invite a friend 👯‍♀️
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Oh haiiii Worldfest Houston! We will see you there! Thankssss for the nod in your 51st year. 😘 We think everything gets better with age 😆 🙏🏽 especially a film festival.
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Personal post warning: Thank you to all the wonderful friends who have advocated for me through the years 🦋 - - - For as long as I can remember now, I've been wearing grey contacts. Have even dyed my hair blonde, and have done my best to stay out of the sun. Took my contacts out last week and really looked myself in the mirror, and you know what I saw? A girl of ineffable worth who has survived unbelievable trials but could only see shame, fear, and grief reflected back. That girl is gone. I'm done disguising myself. This is who I am. As it turns out, I'm a strong American woman of Hispanic, Armenian, and European descent. I'm proud of who I am and the things I've accomolished despite the wrenching ache of loss and illness. This is 22, and I am more at peace, more beautiful, and stronger than I have ever been. This is my body, my education, my future, my bank account, and nothing's going to change that even if it means I'm a #nastywoman
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