in October my leg was white as a cauliflower . Now it’s almost covered. #nashvilletattoo #tattoo #traditionaltattoo #lotustattoo #dicksontn @castrotattoosf @lotustattooparlor it sucks to see @autumnskytattoos moving to the other side of the country because I just started going to her in February because my last artist quit tattooing and i had to find someone new And after my first tattoo from her i instantly knew this was who I wanted to keep going to , she’s such a rad chick and I consider her not just my artist but a friend ,but me and chris will be out there this year to skate , get tatted and hang with you for a week !! and in the mean time I’ll have yo momma @tattoosbyheathercherish do my work !🖤
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Tattoos lit like Christmas tree. Let’s do it @graceandglorytattoos #mur#murfreesborooo #traditionaltattoos #nashville #murfreesboro #nashvilletattoo #graceandglorytattoo
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Superpowers for the win 🙌🏼 Swipe to see her before picture 👉🏼👉🏼 So my client came in with a little bit of new growth, a shadow root she had done in the past and really really light ends. She was game for just about anything! So I decided I first wanted to blend her new growth with her shadow root so I started by using 5NI at her base and let that process. Then I alternated between Superpower shades Magenta Magic and Blue Mystique on her midshafts/ends adding @olaplex No. 2 to both formulas and let those process for 15 minutes. Rinsed and style with a 1 inch styling wand.
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