Full moon in #magha #nakshatra #leo constelation #regulus Full moon in the most bright star in the leo constelation, in the sky. Most bright moon in this year, babe! This is the majestic snow moon, full of bright. So, please, shine! Time to reverence your #ancestors That gave you the atom and DNA that built you. They gave u life. Be thankful. Leo is royalty! Light a candle for yours and ask for deliverance and blessings from the souls! #leos are proud and hunters... wich part of u feel like that?
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✨Chequea en mi canal de Youtube el vídeo completo!✨ link en mi bio. Magha Nakshatra es la Estrella que simboliza el Poder Heredado, y te conecta con tus ancestros y tus antepasados, tanto de sangre como de espítitu. . Este nuevo ciclo de luna llena nos inspira a conectarnos con nuestros ancentros, aquellas personas que estuvieron antes de nosotros y que nos dejaron un legado genético y espiritual. . En este vídeo doy una explicación breve sobre las Nakshatras, luego una explicación sobre Magha Nakshatra (que además es mi nakshatra natal), y finalmente las recomendaciones para que cada signo lunar pueda aprovechar mejor la energía disponible en esta luna llena. . #jyotish #ved#vedicastrology #magha #nakshatra #lun#lunaa #luna #fullmoon #leo #astrologia #astrología #vedica
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02/19/2019 • ENERGY READING • 7 of Wands (Reversed) x Camel 🐪: . The 7 of Wands reversed appears today as a sign of unavoidable exhaustion stemming from the massive collective clearing that has been ramping up these past couple of weeks, as the energies begin to peak with the full moon in Magha nakshatra (sidereal Leo). The alchemical fires are burning hot with these energies today, and you may feel overwhelmed by what’s arising within you and how you are experiencing that reflected back to you in your outer life. However, Camel appears as a messenger of calm endurance. Camel thrives in the hottest of environments, the desert, where there is often no water in sight for hundreds of miles. He succeeds in doing this by having reserves of water stored in his hump that can carry him through the arid sands until he reaches the next oasis. Camel reminds us that inside each and every one of us is a storehouse of spiritual strength that we can draw upon to get us through the most trying of times. Take time to slow down, draw upon your inner strength, nourish your soul, and honor your ancestors today as we release these potent full moon energies and move into the reflective waning moon period. This too shall pass. 🌝 . #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #energyupdate #psychicreading #psychicmedium #oraclecards #oraclereading #7ofwands #camel #alchemy #fullmoon #magha #nakshatra #vedicastrology #astrology #jyotish #karma #ascension #spiritualawakening #consciousness #newparadigm #newearth #goddess #divinefeminine #divinefemininerising
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Until 9:30pm Feb 19th we are in Magha Nakshatra, ruled by the ancestors (called, pitris) >>> So there is an open channel for communion with your foremothers/fathers today. Look to your roots - dig into your lineage for answers - draw upon the ancestral energies encoded within you to help carry out your will. Just as you would plug a cord into an electrical socket, you can tap the knowledge storehouse of genetics and beyond. The ancients have left clues telling how this is can be done. These clues are reflected in the stars >>> Your birthchart can tell you to what degree the ancestors play a role in your life’s journey - along with other information about how to communicate with them. There is nothing supernatural about this communication - it requires an understanding of energetic exchange. —-> I hope I’m alive to see the tipping point of realization that myth and science are different articulations of the same phenomena. >>> aboriginal painting = “Land of the Ancestors” by Mirree
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Today the full moon will be in the constellation of Leo and nakshatra of Magha. Leo is a sattvic fire sign related to our senses of empowerment and individuality. The moon in Leo is opposed by the Sun in Aquarius which is asking us to contribute to the greater good. This shows that we are being called to discover our unique role in society in order to create a better world for everyone. Magha translates to "The Honorable One" and is said to be the star of our ancestors. The full moon in Magha is a fantastic time to call on your ancestors and spirit guides for support. We are here due to their efforts and would be wise to give gratitude. Boldly live your honorable truth with the assurance that your spirit family has your back. #moon #moonmama #moonforecast #fullmoon #leo #chandra #astrology #astrologer #ved#vedicastrology #vedicastrologer #nakshatra #magha #honor #truth #Aquarius #individuality #empowerment #esoteric #mys#mystica> #mystic #vedic #ancestors #ghandi #gandhi #gratitude #astrologyposts
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