// Today my journey to Jorhat was quite interesting than it usually should be. The first few hours I spent is by sleeping as I got up so early to catch the train. After a while the train stopped. I opened my eyes and saw a little girl just outside the window with a curious yet beautiful smirk on her face as if she wanted to tell me something. I was not sure what to do. So I just waved at her and there came a huge laughter and she went on and on. It was funny but yet I pitied her as soon as I saw her mother with her baby brother sitting in a corner of the platform with no motion on her face. It was kind of depressing to absorb this scenario. It made me realize that how much we complain about the little "problems" in our life and blinded by all luxuries we get that we forget the "actual" issues which matter the most.// . . . . . . #natgeo #storiesofindia #desi_diaries #indianphotography #yourclicks_india #mypixeldairy #alchemy #yourshot #train #jana #shatabdiexpress #dimapur #photooftheday #love #travel #streets
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