Jaylon Ja’Lil Griffin Congratulations!! #mynephew #classof2018 @_juanene @j1griffin @__successfuljuan
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Being able to set an example for him is my one & only main goal. I would lose sleep, go days (sometimes weeks) without eating, wake up crying & terrified, with anxiety at all times because I did not know what I wanted after high school. I had no one to guide me or mentor me on how to do this whole higher education thing. I learned on my own. Him seeing me graduate and walk to the stage with honors was such a great feeling. I want to be an example for him and show him he can also accomplish his goals and do better than what I am trying to achieve. I want him to grow up and become someone honorable, respectful, caring but most of all, I want him to be educated. #mybaby #mynephew #sjsugrad #sjsuspartans #classof2018
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Py besdeyy Kk kayra Anandita Kurniawan yg ke 6 do'anya sehat selalu murah rejeki selalu jd kebanggaan ayah bunda ade kian ade kanaya ya ka...barakallah fii umrik kk kayra🙏👼😘😘 #MyNephew #KissHugKkSisiKkIcha #KissHugMamaMelly
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Horree..ade sebentar lagi pulang ke bandung..🤗😄 #adezabran #mudik #mynephew
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May 23 2018 💙 My nephew Luis Antonio Hernández, you were so cute baby I almost cried when the nurses showed us the slideshow, I loved having you in my arms, I can’t wait until you start calling me auntie, I love you and your sister Rosie so much ❤️ #dt #comment #like #mynephew #socute
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