#wcw to our favorite Verizon retail pup 💜🖤 we all miss and love you Amiga 👼🏽🐾
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People excel the most with the interest and support of others. We try harder, endure longer, and bounce back from disappointments faster when the people we care about take an interest in what we’re doing. It’s strange how easy it can be to let ourselves down, and how unbearable it can be to let down others. At a fundamental level, we need each other — to motivate, empathize, push, challenge, and celebrate. We have the power to help each other change our lives. I’m grateful to have people in my life who care about my growth as if it’s part of their own. . And there are many days that I show up simply because my fit sisters are counting on me to do so. If you don’t have a supportive community like that, reach out. There’s always room at our table.❤️ . Tag your fit sisters and let them know how much they mean to you and your journey!❤️ . . . #bettertogether #squadgoals
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