⚓️ NAVY LIFE ⚓️ It has only been 36 hours since our last contact and I am already missing my bestie to the point I need a catch up 😭 I was so lucky to have 2 full weeks of time with him but it is back to normal now where he is on exercise and I get no contact 👀 don’t even want to think about the places he will go next week I will worry too much! • • I am so proud and it just shows you can’t take anything for granted. I would give my left arm to have this guy with me everyday but I know we are going to have an amazing life together and I love being part of the Royal Navy family 🎊👗 • • Counting down the hours until we are together again - it’s a long wait until November 🙈💕💋 #navywife #navylife #mybestfriend #ilovehim #exercise #nocontact #misshim #lovehim #lucky #timeisprecious #royalnavy #royalnavyofficer
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Chance, a year ago today you asked me to be your girlfriend. I knew you were going to ask because a few days prior you told me you liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend, but you wanted to ask in person. So I knew what I was walking into when I went over to your apartment. This last year has been stressful, adventurous, joyful, fun filled, and life learning. And I’m so ready for the years to come! When my friend Carollynn told me that 2018 was going to be the year I find the man for me, I told her she was crazy. But little did we both know she was right! I love you to the moon and back baby! Here’s to a lifetime together! Happy Anniversary! #oneyearanniversary #ayearoflovingyou #loveyoutothemoonandback #twoweirdosinlove #mybestfriend #godgavemeyou #blessed
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