„Ochtuhrzwanzig und 3 Minutn Baldeplatz
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#sundayfunday in wild park🐻🐏🐐🐖🦉had so much fun today!! 독일에서 동물원 처음 갔을때 인상깊었던건 동물을 엄청 넓은곳에 펼쳐(?)놨던건데, 여긴 정말 동물공원속에 사람들이👭👫🤭 . . #베리다요리#22개월 #munichlife#가을🍁
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I want you! (You don’t need any model skills or look like a model, absolute everyone is welcome to join) . For this big photo project about life in collaboration with @age@agefotostock I am going to take photo series of thousands of different people and businesses. . Anywhere in the world, wherever you are, just hit me up to get involved and use me to get lifestyle people photos for free, any topic you want. . The aim: capturing current society and daily life, with unique stories and spontaneous moments, I am up for any idea you might have. . Second aim: to enjoy life and have fun during the shoot, we could combine it with a daytrip to a beautiful place, or just shoot spontaneously in front of your door for just 30 minutes. . . Topic: Families, fashion bloggers, lovers, friend groups, any relationships between people, restaurants, mother-daughter, seniors, communities, thin / oversized, single persons, musicers, birthday parties, business companies, sport groups, bakers, grandmas, strippers ... in short: anything that comes to your mind. . How much does it cost? In collaboration with @agefotostock I can offer you all photos you want for free. Instead of paying me with money, you sign a model release that allows the photo agency to license the best images for editorial and advertisement needs. . And in generell: for every hour I take pictures that you want = you model one more hour for ideas that I have or let me use your location. That’s how I get paid for my work instead of charging you. . So if you are playing with the thought to fetch new photos for your memories, social media or business - just send me a mail, dm or call me. Anytime & anywhere! I am looking forward to meet you.
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You own a bakery or any other business? Let me take photos for your social and webpage, completely for free. Instead of paying me with money, you just need to sign property and model releases to allow me to sell the best pictures. ⏩More infos in the grey box post. #bakery #munichshops
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