I love you more & more everyday 💞 —————————————————————————————— Lola’s first time at a proper beach & safe to say she loved it ☀️
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H e a t i n g O n . . After being spoiled with that heatwave I actually got back home today + the house was freezing 🙊❄️ . . Swapping my 2nd shake for this bowl of yummy’ness 🍵 Take 30 seconds to make so fast food with everything you need for a balanced nutritional meal
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This might be a smile or it might just be smile reflex but, il go with smile 😍 Amalie has been doing these little smiles since she was around 3 and a half weeks old, where she would really concentrate at my face whilst I’m looking at her smiling and id get a cheeky one back!🙊 . . . . . . . #mumbloggers #springbaby #littlesnippetsofus #littlelilyuk #mumbloggeruk #bab#babiesofinstagram #babiesofinsta
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It's okay if you're a Pinterest mom, it's okay to be a store bought decorations mom. It's okay to be a no makeup mom, and it's okay to be a full face kinda mom. It's okay to be an overachiever and it's okay if you don't take on too much. Wake up early wake up late? It's okay. Have an organised Instagram feed, or a mismatched only photos of your beautiful children and cats kind of feed. It's okay to be a lose weight weekly kind of mom and it's okay to be an up and down with your weight kind of mom. It's okay if you're a working or a stay at home mom. M'kay? . See, too often, one extreme will end up making the other feel guilty. This is where the whole #mumguilt comes from because we're always comparing! We see memes about how cool it is to "not" be a put together Pinterest mom, but remember, that could make a mom who is like that feel really guilty that she likes to do DIY and fancy parties for her 1 Yr old. Or we glory in how it's the "mom way" to be always in sweatpants and mom bun and don't realise that that could make a mom who likes to do her makeup daily feel guilty for taking some time for herself. It goes both ways guys. Many times I have been made to feel guilty for being an overachiever. I've been misunderstood to be stuck up or have an "I'm better than you" attitude because of the things I choose to do. But just as an overachiever shouldn't make the more relaxed feel guilty so should the relaxed not make the overachiever feel guilty. Obviously, there comes a line where one can end up being too sensitive, but how about we stop smushing what a "good mom" is supposed to look like into our own tiny little boxes of what "we" perceive to be right, and just support one another wherever we are! 📍Tag your mama friends who need to hear this!!📍 . Sorry if this is a ramble. Just something I've been thinking of. Also, #tbt to when I was all gussied up for date night. 😂
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Photos of our 2 week old Amalie Rose 🌹 . (well these were taken 2 weeks ago) I have so many photos to upload I just forget to upload the weekly photos, I need to get better at this!🙊 . Headbands from @littlelilyuk You can use EVERLEY10 for 10% off! . . . . . #mumbloggers #springbaby #littlesnippetsofus #littlelilyuk #mumbloggeruk #bab#babiesofinstagram #babiesofinsta
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STORAGE REVIEW- Purchased from B&M for £12.99. I searched and waited for these to be in stock for so long until one day, there they were, just gleaming at me... ok ok, let’s just say my wait was over and i finally got my hands on two of them for my bathrooms. When i did bring them home, they were lying in my utility room for ages until we decided to put them together. I just felt comfort knowing i had them in my possession so i took my my time assembling them. They are smaller than i expected them to be but they fit quite a lot inside. They are the perfect size for my bathrooms. Inside the storage unit, i currently have: 2 Harpics, 1 Toilet duck, 1 bottle of bleach , 2 litre Flash Bathroom, 1 Bloo Aroma Foam, Toilet duck discs and a ghetto minky. Oh and my cleaning gloves. It’s impressive and brilliant! The wait was well worth it. Please have a look at my highlights titled Bathroom/Storage if you want to see what i put inside it. - - - @bm_stores #bmstores #storage #storageideas #storagebox #bathroom #bathroomstorage #cle#cleaning #cleaning #ilovecleaning #cleaner #hincharmy #hinching #organisedmum #organisedhome #mumlife #review #reviews #mumbloggeruk #mum#mummybloggeruk #mummyblogger #bloggermum #cleanhouse #cleaninghacks #cleanfreak #cleanaddict #instaclean #instalove #cleaningmotivation #mrstcreviews
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