Here’s some Emily and Sarah to brighten your day!!! 💖💖💖 #emilycarey #mumanddaughter
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so glad after about 3 years of not being here, being able to make my mums birthday special 🥰 I love ya Lisa 🎉
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I asked her what she wanted to do with her mummy-daughter day (I’ve had to work most of this half term holiday but took today off) and all she wanted to do was go to the play park - so that’s what we did - she swung on the swing for blooming ages too - another first - she’s taken such a long time to learn how to do something as seemingly simple as swing on a swing so to see the joy in her face is a beautiful thing 👩🏻👧🏽❤️ #simplepleasures #playwithmum #mumanddaughter #ability #abilitynotdisability #progressnotperfection #physicaltherapypaysoff #parklife #inclusion #inclusionmatters #cerebralpalsy #kidsofinstagram
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Shout out to the baby for being the best little sister today. She’s been so good. We’ve been to the doctors about my hip and knee pain (got to do some exercises and go back in 4 weeks if no improvement). We’ve been to the dentist (I’m going to need a filling and a crown - ow 😢). And we’ve been shopping in Meadowhall so the big sister could spend her birthday money. Baby MJ didn’t cry once and loved being pushed around @newlook where my 10 year old must have bought half the shop’s 915 range! Admittedly she screamed her head off in the car on the way home and I nearly crashed twice but she was super content all day up until that point. Then when we came home she’s been doing her absolute best to roll over, I was sure she was going to do it tonight but she got too tired so I bathed her and put her to bed. Hubby cooked a lovely dinner and surprised us with a Ewan white noise sheep thing so we’ll see how that goes. MJ has started waking up in the night from about 2am and won’t go back to sleep until about 5am which is slowly and systematically destroying my spirit so fingers crossed this electronic sheep will work its magic. I’ve heard good things! I’m currently sitting in the living room with a glass of Prosecco, TV on pause because I was watching some physio videos before the film started and leg bent in the only way that doesn’t cause significant pain to my knee, by myself. My husband has gone to bed, he’s decided to soothe an inconsolable 4 month old tonight, as I’ve done it all week. I’ll do the late shift tonight. In other news, I feel like I’m losing my mum, she seemed older than ever when we were shopping today, frail, fragile, not as sharp as I always think of her. Nobody else would have noticed. But as a daughter I think you always have such a connection with your mum that any slight change feels huge. Today felt catastrophic. Sometimes I wish I had another me to share these alone moments. Just feel a bit flat now. Anyway tomorrow’s another day. Baby vest: @fmlystore (bought)
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