guys i found a new interview!!!! apparently it’s from 1977 and it’s adorableee!!!! i mean it’s not new but it is to me and i!! love!!! it!!!! djcjfjgujr i’m deceased here’s a few of my most favorite parts idk i just love it <3333 the way he says things kills me omg
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today was really nice i went to camden markets with my sister lol it seems like a rlly fun place to go with friends but i don’t live in england so i can’t. but anyways it was rlly great they had a bunch of original pressing queen records bc they had soo many record stands. i only bought two bc they were kinda expensive but i got a kind of magic and mr. bad guy which was £35 in total so pretty expensive (for me) but not too bad. one of my biggest regrets is not buying an original pressing of anato like a year ago it was like $7 at my local record store :/ i didn’t get it bc i had a copy from like 2011 or something but now i rlly want all originals eh anyways i love london so much especially bc there’s so many placeswhere you feel like freddie could walk right around the corner i’m happy :))
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first of all i love this deacury forever but like how do you think you’d really react to meeting freddie/any member really. this is gonna sound bad but i probably wouldn’t react at all HEAR ME OUT PLS like at every significant emotional event in my life, including birth of my cousin, death of grandparents, visiting the garden lodge, i’ve been unable to react like i literally just stand there like staring like what is happening. i mean maybe i’d cry if i saw him but i would just stand there staring and be unable to move or have any idea of what to do and then he would leave and then i would die of sadness that i messed up so bad probably lol
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SWIPE !!! IM FREAKIN OUT FREDDIE???? IN DARK WASH JEANS???? CONSPIRACY THEORY THAT FRED HATES DARK WASH DEBUNKED I GUESS IDK IF I’M MAKING A BIG DEAL OF NOTHING BUT THIS! DOES! NOT ! FEEL! NORMAL! also sorry i cropped it weird i wanted to have the face so you know its him but also the jeans ehh if you want the whole thing dm me lol
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