A boss don't stop when it hurts, they stop when the job is done. Don't give up. 💪🏽💕 Follow @fittoglam #FitToGlam #GirlPower
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Bottoms Up! 🍑 Fun yoga class on the Santa Monica Pier wearing the new “Nothing 2 C Here” leggings from @lornajaneus #movenourishbelieve #activeliving #lornajane #nothing2chere 💕
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Lying hamstring curls with an exercise ball didn't seem to be hard when I looked at my workout plan but holy shit my legs are on fire 😭😭
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The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. 💪🏽💕 Follow @fittoglam #FitToGlam #GirlPower
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So excited that my protein powder finally came in today @drinkorgain I’m allergic to Gluten and Dairy! Makes it hard to get in my protein daily but this has been my go to protein powder affordable and delishhhhhh😋
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⚕ Let's talk ❤ health. TLDR: eating nutrient dense foods and exercising is key to good heart health. •• It is an unfortunate truth that we live in a society where obesity is normalized and even encouraged (I'm talking to you food chains that want everything up sized). What should be encouraged more often is living healthy, active lives and actually learning about balance. •• Improving heart health is actually not difficult at all, small changes can make a huge impact. So, if you're interested in some advice from someone with no medical training but bomb research skills keep reading! •• ⚕ It is important that blood pressure is maintained within a healthy range - nutritious foods and exercise help here. Also, drink lots of water and don't overdo it on the salt or alcohol 🍷 ⚕ Cholesterol also needs to be kept in a healthy range - choosing healthier fats and remaining active is key here too. ⚕ Mental health plays an important role in heart health. If you are dealing with depression, bi-polar disorder, excessive stress, etc. I encourage you to find someone to help you with this. Improved mental health can improve your life in so many amazing ways! 💖 ⚕ Break up long periods of sitting by standing up, stretching, and going for a short walk. Even if you just make a loop around your kitchen it's better than not moving at all. 🚶‍♀️ ⚕ Avoid drinking your calories. Even when having a smoothie or latte think about what's in there and whether or not it's worth it. A cup of tea or some water with a squeeze of 🍋 might be a better and more satisfying choice. ⚕ Move every single day!! Being active for just 30 min a day can improve your overall health before you know it. If you are already active and want to improve your heart health, be more active. 💪 ⚕ Its simple, move your body and eat nutrient dense foods! •• If you made it this far, thank you and please share any other tips you may have. Also, let me know if you're interested in more advice from a #notamedicalprofessional but 💣 researcher, lemme know!
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