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Das Glück der Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Berge ⛰ #snowy #mountainadventures #bergluft #1700m #powderdays #winterliebe
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4/5: We mixed our food together and had a weird mix of Parmesan noodles, garlic powder potatoes, and fresh caught and canned salmon from @icy1adams. It was a weird combo, but everything tastes good in the backcountry. We drank canned wine and coffee and laughed and chatted until the sun went down. Then we each went to sleep roasting in our hand-warmer filled bags and dreamed of the powder runs for tomorrow. For myself, I couldn’t have been more excited to share this incredible place and adventure with my best friend.
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🔥 - - - - - #aur#auroraalis #aurora #midttroms #whpcolorplay
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Taking it all in at the top of the world. No filters, no edits, just Mother Nature’s pure magic 🖤 #whpblackandwhite
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