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A father-daughter relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships that God has created. Every little girl looks up to her dad and he is the first man she says “I love you” to. A father can play dress up with his daughter and at the same time play a super hero to protect her from all evil. He is the one who nurtures and guides her through every defining moment of her life. #OnePaperLove
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You’ll earn more respect when you admit your wrong, a bruised pride is always better than an inflated ego💖
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Life is filled with challenges (this isn’t new information). As I prepare myself for the next challenge specifically as a parent I realized a few things: becoming emotionally wrapped up because things are headed in another direction isn’t what solves the problem. It’s okay to feel the emotions when shit hits the fan, but everything has a solution. And if you without a doubt believe you are well-equipped to handle the challenges that are thrown your way the Universe without a doubt will respond in your favor. It feels like a universal truth. And if you don’t, then you find yourself stumbling into a cycle of negativity (and you wonder will I ever come off this thing). And really all of it is perceived negativity. Problems aren’t really “problems” is essentially what I’m getting at. How do you approach the challenges in your life? Sending love, light and #encouragement your way. ❤️ #motivationalquote #lif#lifees #takeaction #gratefulheart #lifecoach #life #mindset #challenge #lifelessons #growth #inspiration #journey #mindfulness #changeyourlife #livefullyalive #dailyquotes #gratitude
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