How do you treat your mistakes? Tag someone you expects them to respect & correct. #mistakes #expect #respect #correct . . . ⏩ FOLLOW @motivated.bliss FOR DAILY MOTIVATION.
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You don't have to fit in. Be proud if you don't - the majority isn't where you want to be . It's true that you need some people, a team, to reach the huge goals you have but most of the time you don't have these people from the beginning - you have to find them. And that's the moment you leave the pack . Don't let negativity pull you down. Spend time with like minded people and start slowly building the circle of friends (and partners) you need . Great things take time - start today 👊🔥 #empirrules
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I guess I am never growing up.🤷🏼‍♂️ It's funny how back in the day everyone kept telling you to grow up. Did you ever question it though? What did they mean by growing up? I bet they didn't mean growing taller LOL. So what did they mean? They meant you have to get out of your dream world and live in the so-called "reality". Now ask yourself. What did you do? Did you give up on your dreams? Did you start thinking for yourself? If you did, or ever thought about giving up your dreams... Please, think twice. Yeah, it might be hard to Live Your Dream but it is so possible!! My advice? Don't give up.Do whatever you want. My goal is this... By the time I'm 50 I will still be doing all of the crazy stuff most people never get to experience. Who is with me?
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