This is the face of a woman who today CHOSE to go to a public speaking event that was created by an amazing sister of mine. We spent some time getting into our bodies & then I was told I’m up first, having no idea what my topic would be until I was standing on my feet in front of everyone. This is the same woman who five short years ago struggled to say much at all when I chose to go to events where we needed to share just a little about ourselves. I’d generally go red, palms would be sweaty, heart racing…it was terrifying for me. Today though? I honestly LOVED it! I could still be clearer in sharing myself but, given I was on the spot, I’m really proud of myself. The difference for me is the experience of getting out of my head & into my body. Being present to what’s moving through me & sharing from that place. You know, being authentic. • This is how I choose to live my life. I start my day, every single day, by being present with me first & connecting with my body. I connect with my friends & loved ones from this place. I parent from this place. I date men from this place. I create my life from this place. I show up & just be me, with no apology. Even when I’m feeling challenged, I feel incredibly blessed that this is how my life now is. I feel particularly blessed to have so many incredible people in my life who genuinely SEE who I am. The real me. • Being reminded of how far I’ve come brought me a whole heap of joy & it largely comes down to my introduction to tantra through Tigress Yoga. For me, tantra is about creating a deep, intimate connection with myself. Being present with myself. Loving myself. When I say that practice changed my whole entire world, I really mean it. I feel so blessed to be able to offer my own classes that draw on this magick to support women to have their own experience of coming home to themselves. The thought of having a world filled with women who are so deeply connected with themselves that they feel safe to speak their truth lights me up more than I can say. I have an event coming up where you can get a taste of this and find out if it resonates with you. I’d LOVE you to be there if you’re feeling called! Link in bio.♥️
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