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It’s a Real #King EarthStrong.. 6/19 a King was born y’all show some Bday Love to a Real one mah big bro @money_ern #MoreLife and Many more Blessings .. #LoveMahG ✊🏽
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Palm in Palma
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What better time to start whatever it was that you wanted to do today?? AS LONG AS THERE IS BREATH, LIVE YOU GUYS!!! LIVE HARD AND LOVE HARDER!!!!! #fuckcancer #live #fulllife #morelife #noregrets #livelong
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Thank you @nabdela for believing in me and @chr@chrisjammer for giving me an opportunity to shoot at @strawberriesandcreem πŸ“ thank you thank you thank you !!! Had such an amazing time and not only did I enjoy myself but also met such the most amazing photographers such as @davidtownhill , @zek.snaps , @ashleyverse, @antaxten and @caspermasi who shared to me their stories which was inspirational and they showed nothing but love and positivity!!! Photographers who I look up too and respect !!! Photographers that are killing it right now and breaking boundaries!! Photographers that I am really proud of πŸ™πŸ½ I met a lot of other people in different fields who shared their stories and learnt a lesson from everyone I spoke too !! This opportunity really opened my eyes and really did better me mentally πŸ™πŸ½ @chrisjammer thank you for being the best person ever and thank you for showing me so much love and actually supporting everything I do πŸ“ I really needed this and thank you for taking a chance on me !!! Love you loads and you are the greatest man ever for pulling off a successful festival !!! I will never forget that day ❀️❀️❀️❀️
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